Get the Party Started with Chex™ and M&M's®

When it comes to entertaining, you can’t go wrong with Chex™ and M&M's®. Add some festively colored M&M's® to any of your favorite homemade Chex™ Mix recipes or try one of our exclusive recipes below.
Chex™ Tailgate Party MixPeanuts, popcorn, pretzels and peanut butter—this homemade game day Chex Mix recipe includes everyone’s favorites. Win or lose, this sweet and salty mix is the ultimate tailgate snack!Get Recipe
Chex Legendary Muddy BuddiesThis deliciously sweet Chex™ snack mix doubles up on chocolate and peanut butter flavors. It might just become the star of your next holiday party once you serve it to guests! Now that’s legendary.Get Recipe
Sugar & Spice Chex™ Holiday MixWhether you prefer sweet or savory snack mixes, this one accommodates both, with a mixture of seasoned Chex™ cereal, pretzels and peanuts and sweet vanilla-coated, sprinkled Chex™ cereal mixed with chocolate candies.Get Recipe
Christmas Chex™ Party MixAfter you've decorated the Christmas tree and hung the holiday garland, celebrate with the perfect snack: Chex™ cereal, marshmallows, and pretzel twists, all coated in vanilla almond bark and tossed with chocolate candies. Because every cold night needs a festive Chex Mix recipe. Get Recipe
Chex™ Holiday Muddy MixThis decadent holiday Muddy Buddies™ snack mix is every chocolate-peanut butter lover’s dream, using Peanut Butter Chex™ cereal and peanut butter candies for triple the peanut butter flavor!Get Recipe
Reindeer Feed Chex™ Party MixSanta gets enough Christmas cookies. What he really needs is some sweet and salty holiday Chex Mix. Easy to make with little ones beside the glow of the Christmas tree, our no-bake Reindeer Feed Chex Party Mix is perfect for kids and reindeer alike.Get Recipe